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Your own car can become an investment option with the aim of making a considerable profit using the services of a car rental company NevoCars, and possibly a profitable business. To make this investment, it is necessary to rent a car to a company that provides cars directly to the end consumer of the service. NevoCars attracts cars to its car park on the terms described below.

Rent a car and get real earnings!

Small investments for additional income are considered by many people, from the ordinary citizen to small and medium-sized businesses. If your personal vehicle is idle most of the time, you may want to consider renting it out. Today, this type of investment is gradually becoming an increasingly common practice, as evidenced by positive reviews and the number of owners who actually converted their car from liability to asset and have a profitability.

What you need to rent a car.

  • Owner’s wish.
  • A passenger car not older than 5 years.
  • The car must be registered in Ukraine.
  • Exceptionally technically sound car.
  • In case of refurbishment, no damage to the SRS passenger safety system.
  • The car is insured by CASCO and OSAGO.

In the presence of all of the above, after the inspection of the car by the company’s employees, an agreement is concluded on the basis of which you rent a car.

Rent a car and receive regular payments.

The car owner’s profit from rental is 75% of the total (retained earnings) profit.

The profit of the company that took responsibility for commissioning end users is 25%.

We guarantee full reporting on orders made by a car and absolute transparency in monitoring the location of the car.

The company makes monthly payments for car rental at a profitable rate of the car owner within the agreed time frame.

At the request of the car owner, the company also provides assistance in obtaining insurance policies and carrying out vehicle maintenance.

The NevoCars website shows the actual cost in US dollars, which corresponds to a certain class of vehicle. For example, the profit of a car owner from renting a car in economy class can reach $ 300-500 per month, and by providing an SUV, your income can be up to 5000. This is a great business during the COVID-19 period!

To clarify the terms of cooperation, call us by phone or send a request in a convenient way.

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We are always glad to cooperate!