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General car rental conditions

The service of renting a car in Ukraine from our company is available to persons whose age at the time of transfer of the car is at least 21 years old, at the same time our potential client must have experience in applying driving skills (driving experience) from 2 years or more.

To book a car for rent, residents of Ukraine must provide high-quality photocopies of the original documents:

  • Passports of a citizen of Ukraine or a residence permit;
  • A national driving license valid on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Taxpayer identification number.

Non-residents, the following documents are provided:

  • Passport of a citizen of the state of which he is a resident;
  • Vienna Convention compliant, valid driving license or the presence of an International Driving License, which is valid only in conjunction with the driving license of your state;


Travel area and prepayment for mileage:

The movement area of ​​your rented car is confined by the territorial borders of Ukraine. The use of a car by the renter in the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation, namely in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as well as on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, is FORBIDDEN;

In our company there is no strict mileage limit. But there is a tariffed rental price, which you prepay for yourself 350 km of average daily mileage, respectively, if you take a car for 3 days, you have 1050 km of mileage prepaid, which you can spend during the day if necessary.

In case of a shortage of mileage, you can pay for the extra mileage of the car according to the rates of the car class you rented.


Security deposit / deposit

At the time of signing the contract, the tenant must make a Deposit (aka deposit, franchise) with all possible payment options (cash or a personal bank card);

The collateral value varies and depends proportionally on the make and model of the car you have chosen on the vehicle fleet page;

Subject to the return of the car and the fulfillment of the terms of the contract, the security deposit is returned to the lessee in full;

Depositing a deposit is possible both in cash (hryvnia, euros or dollars) and in non-cash form (hryvnia);

Subject to the payment of a deposit in cash, the refund will be made with the same bills, if with your personal bank card – then according to the conditions specified in the contract.


What is the collateral for?

This measure is dictated by the following situations that may arise when renting:

  • To extend the rental period for a day, two;
  • For refueling a car’s fuel tank with an equivalent supply of fuel,
  • For washing and cleaning heavily soiled vehicles
  • To compensate for the amount of minor damage, such as a scratch, bumper scratching, damage to tires or wheels, which will be necessary to correct problems / defects, with the subsequent refund of the residual amount of the deposit.

In the event of an accident (regardless of the culprit of the accident, but upon notifying the lessor of the accident and following all the instructions prescribed in the terms of the lease agreement) involving the rented car, damage to the leased object by third parties, or theft, the lessee bears maximum responsibility in the amount of the deposit made by him for automobile.


Payment for rental services

The lease is carried out with full prepayment of the deposit and rental value, at the time of car pick-up. Payment can be made both in cash and by conducting a transaction from your personal bank card by VISA or MasterCard payment systems.


Reception / transfer of the car

Delivery of the booked car during NevoCars working hours (Mon – Fri from 09.00 to 19.00, Sat – Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00) at the address Kiev, 30 Stepan Bandera Ave. – free of charge;

At the same time, delivery / return of a car to the outskirts of Kiev varies between $ 10-20;

To Borispol airport, the cost of car delivery / return = $ 30;

Delivery / return to the airport Kiev (Zhulyany) or the central railway station = $ 20

Delivery / return of a car in Kiev during working hours $ 10;

Separately, it is worth mentioning the services of issuing the return of a rented car outside working hours (on weekdays from 19:00 to 8:00 and on weekends from 17:00 to 10:00), which are also provided by our company.

Issuance / return at the office of the company varies from $ 5 to $ 25;

Car delivery / return in Kiev = $ 10-30;

Delivery / return of a vehicle during public holidays – $ 5-30;

Also, many are interested in “is it possible to submit or return a car in another city?”

Yes, it is possible. Contact our manager in any way convenient for you (by calling the hotline, writing via social networks, or sending a request by e-mail) to agree on the cost of the service with the manager.

All cars, without exception, are handed over to the client after washing the body, cleaning the interior and refueling the fuel tank;

The security deposit for the car at the time of the return of the car after the lease, not washed, with a dirty interior or with an unequal supply of fuel in the tank, is returned only after the procedures for cleaning the interior, washing the body, refueling and inspecting the car, as well as compensation for the services performed according to the tariffs specified in the contract / act of acceptance – transfer of the car.



Any car rented from us has a compulsory third party liability insurance policy (OSAGO) and a voluntary car insurance policy (CASCO);

The payment of the security deposit when issuing a car for rent is a prerequisite for the lease agreement.

Additional rental conditions, violation of which is not permissible during vehicle operation:

  • during the rental period, the transfer of the car to third parties is prohibited;
  • using the car in sports events, towing other road users or trailers is excluded.
  • the use of a car as a taxi (private taxi), as well as for training and transportation of oversized cargo or animals without special devices is strictly prohibited;

The minimum period for providing a car for rent is two days (48 hours). The return of the car after the lease can be carried out with a delay, but not more than one hour from the time agreed in the acceptance certificate. Subsequent excess of the return time agreed upon when issuing, taking into account the limit, is paid in 1 day of rental, according to the cost specified in the acceptance certificate.

When driving a rented vehicle, strict adherence to traffic rules is mandatory in order to ensure maximum safety of the client.


Retrofitting a car with additional equipment

Before picking up the car, at the request of the client, we can retrofit the car with the necessary equipment, such as

  • GPS navigator – according to tariffs;
  • Wi-Fi router – according to tariffs;
  • Child car seat – according to tariffs;
  • “Second Driver” service – free of charge;


You can make a preliminary booking request:

On the main page of the NevoCars website (https://nevocars.com.ua) through the booking form;

By calling or writing to us on Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger using this phone number;

By sending us your wishes about booking a car to our email address rent_office@nevocars.com.ua ;

Or at a personal meeting in the office of the company’s office at the address: Kiev, 30 Stepan Bandera Avenue, having familiarized yourself with the cars.

As a result of consideration of the application for preliminary booking, the security service can give both consent to the issue of the car and a refusal.