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Ravon R2 2017 LPG

2-3 days 28 $

10-29 days 20 $

4-9 days 24 $

30+ days     18 $

Deposit 300 $

Compact car, unpretentious to the client's wallet, LPG

Hatchback fuel - photo - 1222783554 Petrol+lpg transmission - photo - 1356794793 Automatic 8.0 L/100km Rent It

Ravon R2 2017

2-3 days 27 $

10-29 days 20 $

4-9 days 23 $

30+ days     18 $

Deposit 300 $

Compact car, unpretentious to the client's wallet, LPG

Hatchback fuel - photo - 1067584939 Petrol transmission - photo - 1683516718 Automatic 8.0 L/100km Rent It

Ford Fiesta 2017

2-3 days 33 $

10-29 days 23 $

4-9 days 28 $

30+ days     20 $

Deposit 300 $

The best ratio of price and quality in economy

Sedan fuel - photo - 817068437 Petrol transmission - photo - 565371777 Automatic 6.4 L/100km Rent It

Cheap car rental is now available at NevoCars

If your budget is limited, cheap car rental is available on the economy class offers page. This class includes not expensive but quite functional cars, the main representatives of the class are both on a manual transmission and automatic. In the form of a body, there will be an offer for any purpose from a hatchback to a wagon with increased capacity. Well, the main advantage of inexpensive rental cars is not large engines and, accordingly, low fuel consumption, which is an indisputable advantage of these cars. One can single out the main representatives in order to rent a car inexpensively, these are such models as Renault Logan, Ford Fiesta, KIA RIO, Hyundai Accent.
The availability and popularity of economy class cars does not need to be proven. This is a profitable service if you need to solve the problems of a trip over long distances, travel or just a business trip in case of repairing your own car.

Cheap car rental is carried out on the basic conditions of the limit of 350 average daily mileage and the driver’s age from 21 years.
Of course, standard services are available that are useful and convenient, such as:

  • car seat for children of a wide age range;
  • GPS navigator with up-to-date cartography;
  • Wi-Fi router will be useful for foreign guests;
  • mounts mobile gadgets.

The service is available to receive and return the car for rent at the address specified by the client. Depending on the location, the cost of such a service is from $ 10. You can clarify the cost and order from the manager after specifying the necessary information (date, time and place of receipt and return).

It should be noted that renting a car is not expensive, it becomes even cheaper with an increase in the duration of the lease, with an increase in the period, the cost of one day of rent decreases.

Possible payment options:

  • in cash in national currency;
  • by bank transfer using bank account details;
  • by bank card of VISA or MasterCard systems, it is possible to pay outside the company’s office with a mobile device when ordering car delivery to the address;

If you decide to rent a car inexpensively with NevoCars, then the real cost in Economy class is from 18 USD. per day and a collateral value of $ 300, the maximum cost representatives of this class, depending on the model and configuration, can cost up to $ 40. per day for short-term rent.
Payment for services based on daily rent where 1 day is 24 hours from the moment of receiving the car. The service is provided with full prepayment and a deposit. The deposit is returned to the client after the car is returned to the company without damage or breach of contract.