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Фото - Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy for personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all text, graphic and other data, and also regulates information flows between the Administration and the User while using the site located on the company’s website https://nevocars.com.ua/

1. Basic concepts and terms.

1.1 This Privacy Policy uses the following concepts and terminology.

1.1.1 Site Administration – representatives of the NevoCars Company, whose duties include the administration and processing of personal data of the Portal Users. They also establish the main purposes of processing, the composition of personal information and operations that are performed on the confidential information of visitors.

1.1.2 Personal information – confidential data of users that relate to a specific individual or legal entity.

1.1.3 Processing of personal information – an algorithm of operations or actions performed on user data. Administration of the site for organizing, recording, storing and reproducing data, use automated means of recording and accounting for personal information of visitors. In addition, the administration has the full right to edit (block, delete or transfer to third parties) user information.

1.1.4 Confidentiality of user data – the rules of access to individual information of a visitor, followed by the Site Administration. When working with personal data, NevoCars representatives act exclusively in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. Without the written consent of the User, his personal data is not disseminated or transferred to third parties.

1.1.5 A visitor to the NevoCars website is an individual who has direct access to the Company’s website via an Internet connection. 1.1.6 IP-address – an individual network address of a node in a computer network, implemented using the standard IP protocol.

2. Basic provisions

2.1 When visiting the site nevocars.com.ua through a web browser, the Visitor agrees with this Privacy Policy to process personal information.

2.2 These provisions of the Policy are applicable exclusively to the website of the “NevoCars” company registered under the address – https://nevocars.com.ua. The administration of the site and the management of the NevoCars Company are not responsible for the operation of other websites to which the Visitor can go through third-party links.

3. Subject of the privacy policy.

3.1 This Policy establishes the rules of conduct of the Website Administration when working with the information of the portal visitors. The portal administrator undertakes, to the extent of his competence, to help protect the interests of visitors, as well as not to disclose any data received from the visitor, ensuring their protection. This paragraph applies to all information that the Visitor transmits during registration on the site or in the process of making a preliminary booking request.

3.2. Personal information of the Site Visitor, such as: name, surname, e-mail, contact phone number, are transferred to the Site Administration with the consent of the Visitor.

3.3. The transfer by the Visitor of personal data to the Site Administration, through the Feedback Form, means an affirmative consent to the transfer of his personal data.

4. Main purpose.

4.1 The site administration uses the personal data of visitors for the following purposes.

4.1.1 To identify the Visitor registered on the nevocars.com.ua portal.

4.1.2 To provide access to personalized (individually configured) website sources for the visitor.

4.1.3 To establish feedback with the Visitor and inform about upcoming discounts, promotions, individual offers, which includes a number of notifications and requests regarding Website Visitors, the provision of services, processing applications, etc.

4.1.4 To provide the Visitor with technical support in case of problems related to the operation of the web resource or the provision of services. 4.1.5 To provide the Visitor with personalized advertising products, pricing updates, newsletters and other data related to the work of NevoCars. 4.1.6 To carry out promotional activities (subject to the consent of the Visitor to carry out this activity).

5. Methods and terms of processing the personal data of the Visitor.

5.1 The processing of personal data of Visitors is carried out by available technical means that do not contradict the current legislation. The site administration can use automated tools to collect and process data, without time limits.

5.2 The personal information of the Visitor, in accordance with the current legislative acts, can be transferred to representatives of the state authorities of Ukraine, in accordance with the regulations of individual regulatory legal acts, which regulate the Procedure for the transfer of confidential information of individuals.

5.3 In case of loss or unauthorized disclosure of personal data, the Website Administration must, without fail, notify the Portal Visitors of the incident.

5.4 The administration of the website to protect the data of site visitors from modification, copying and distribution by third parties, may use organizational and technical methods to comprehensively protect information about visitors.

6. Obligations of the parties 6.1 The visitor of the web resource undertakes.

6.1.1 Provide personal user data that will be required for correct work with the nevocars.com.ua portal.

6.1.2 Update or supplement information about the visitor in the event of a change in personal data.

6.2 The website administration undertakes.

6.2.1 Use the received personal data about the visitor in accordance with the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

6.2.2 Ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of Visitors, and not disclose it without the written permission of the visitor. The site administration is prohibited from selling, exchanging, publishing or distributing information about visitors. An exception is the transfer of data to representatives of state bodies of Ukraine in the manner prescribed by law.

6.2.3 Take all precautions to protect personal data in accordance with the established procedure.

6.2.4 At the request of the Visitor or his legal representative, including at the request of the authorized body to protect the interests of the subject, block or destroy personal data.

7. Liability of the parties.

7.1 In case of loss or disclosure of the Visitor’s personal data, the administration of the web resource is not responsible if the information.

7.1.1 Become personal prior to its disclosure.

7.1.2 Was received by a third party prior to its transfer to the Site Administration in the manner prescribed by the current version of the Privacy Policy.

7.1.3 Was disclosed with the permission of the Visitor.


8. Dispute Resolution.

8.1 Voluntary settlement of disputes is a priority over the Visitor’s appeal to the courts of Ukraine to protect their interests. Any disputes between the Visitor and the Site Administration are regulated in writing.

8.2 The recipient of a written claim within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the document must notify the applicant in writing of the results of the consideration of the claim.

8.3 If a dispute between the parties cannot be settled, it must be considered by a judicial authority in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

8.4 The relationship between the Visitor and the Site Administration is regulated not only by the current version of the Privacy Policy, but also by the main legislation of Ukraine.

9. Additional terms.

9.1 The site administration has the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without notifying the Visitor of the web resource.

9.2 The new Privacy Policy comes into force from the moment it is published on the website.

9.3 Requests for improvements, as well as questions can be left to the managers of the company through the “Contacts” section.

9.4 The current version of the Privacy Policy is located on the website at “https://nevocars.com.ua/privacy-policy/”