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Range Rover Vogue Autobiography

2-3 days 300 $

10-29 days 240 $

4-9 days 280 $

30+ days     200 $

Deposit 3000 $

Powerful, large, aristocratic and solid car.

Suv fuel - photo - 1500915747 Petrol transmission - photo - 1604446834 Automatic 8.7 L/100km Rent It

Mercedes GLE 43 COUPE

2-3 days 300 $

10-29 days 260 $

4-9 days 280 $

30+ days     220 $

Deposit 3000 $

Spectacular design, thoughtful interior, excellent dynamics.

Suv fuel - photo - 1960185204 Petrol transmission - photo - 191732997 Automatic 8.4 L/100km Rent It

Mercedes Benz G63AMG

2-3 days 360 $

10-29 days 300 $

4-9 days 330 $

30+ days     220 $

Deposit 3000 $

A chic and passable car for the city and not

Suv fuel - photo - 711151826 Petrol transmission - photo - 540055533 Automatic 13.8 L/100km Rent It

Our company is pleased to offer premium cars for rent because this service represents a special segment of a car with increased comfort, where the latest and best quality parameters are introduced, which undoubtedly indicates the high status of such a vehicle.

It is worth talking in detail about the characteristics of VIP cars, such as:

• Application of the latest developments in the automotive industry;

• Increased security;

• High engine power, dynamics, speed;

• A special style of interior, decoration and interior equipment;

• High level of long service life;

Premium car rental in Kiev, first of all, these are cars for business trips as the most common service, in this class there are sports cars for fans of adrenaline and technical innovations, and of course convertibles. Premium car rental for weddings and celebrations – probably every young family used this service.

Premium class cars are in demand when the event is of particular importance. As a rule, this is transfer service at the airport or railway station to meet high-ranking guests or business partners.
Luxury cars are both mass-produced and individual, taking into account the individual requirements of the customer, which adds many advantages to the comfort of such vehicles. Using modern engines, innovative electronics, the highest quality finishes and interior equipment.

Renting a luxury car in Kiev is very simple.
You need to choose the car you are interested in and contact our company by phone +38(067)613-55-66 or simply fill out the booking form on our website.
Renting a premium class car is carried out on basic conditions, under which the driver’s age is at least 21 years old and driving experience is at least 2 years, after booking, the potential tenant is checked by the security service.