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What should you check in your rental car before you travel?

Before using the vehicle, it is strongly recommended to check:

1. Braking system.
2. Checking the wheels.
3. Technical fluids.
4. Headlights.
5. The integrity of the paintwork and windshield.

Whether you are planning a vacation, travel, business trip or just a long trip, it is important to be sure that the car will definitely not let you down on the way. Especially considering that anything can happen on the road. It is important to minimize the risks. We will tell you how to start checking the car before the trip and in no case should you forget about it.

Brake system

This is the most important criterion for road safety. It is a malfunction of the brake system that is one of the most common causes of accidents. It is necessary to check the degree of wear of the pads and the condition of the shock absorbers. This directly affects handling and driving safety. It is recommended to replace the brake pads if they are 50% worn out. Especially if you are planning to drive in the mountains.

Checking wheels

Be sure to check the pressure in the tires and their condition in general. It is also recommended to check the balancing. On average, it needs to be done every 10 thousand kilometers, otherwise it leads to wear of the chassis of the car and to increased fuel consumption. Incorrect pressure entails all the same consequences, and besides, it affects the controllability of the machine. As for the condition of the tread, you should not go on a long journey if the tread depth is less than 3 mm.

Technical fluids

This includes all technical fluids – coolant, brake, engine oil and power steering fluid. Pay special attention to the quality of automatic transmission oils, because they are generally quite demanding and sensitive. If you don’t remember when the last change was made, or the condition of the oil leaves much to be desired, it makes sense to replace it so that the box does not break down in the middle of the road. Moreover, its repair is quite long and costly.

What should you check in your rental car before you travel?


This is a must-check too, no matter where you go. Anyway, you will probably have to drive in the dark, and it is very important that the road is well lit. In addition, a knocked out angle of light leads to the fact that you will blind drivers in the oncoming lane.

The integrity of the paintwork and glass

Visually inspect the car for scuffs, chips on glass or paint, scratches. Fenders and doors most often suffer from sharp branches of bushes when driving along narrow country crossings or forest roads, so there may be minor scratches. On the hood and front bumper, markings are usually left of rubble or stones flying from under the wheels of oncoming or passing vehicles. If there are chips on the windshield, it is advisable to replace it with a new one, since at the most unfavorable moment the chip can form a crack and, depending on the place of formation, impair the driver’s view.

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