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Interesting events of the week (09.06.21)

1. In Italy, they said they no longer recognize the Ukrainian driver’s license.
2. Poland wants to introduce license plates for bicycles.
3. Ukravtodor showed new road signs.
4. “Danger on the road” – The police have noted the high concentration of road accidents in Waze application.
5. “Cashback” to drivers for other people’s traffic violations – Gerashchenko announced a system of rewards for helping the police.
6. Daymak Spiritus electric car will be able to mine cryptocurrency directly at charging stations.
7. Migrants without registration were allowed to obtain a driver’s license and register transport.

“Italy announced that it no longer recognizes Ukrainian driver’s license”

On June 1, the agreement between Ukraine and Italy on mutual recognition and exchange of driver’s licenses ceased to operate. This means that citizens of Ukraine living in Italy cannot exchange their Ukrainian “rights” for Italian ones according to a simplified procedure without passing exams.
“The Ukrainian-Italian agreement on mutual recognition and exchange of driving licenses has been suspended from June 01, 2021. Any reports about the automatic extension of the agreement do not correspond to reality, ”the Ukrainian Embassy in Italy said.
It is clarified that those responsible for the conclusion and implementation of the agreement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Italian Republic are working on signing a new agreement. However, the timing is not yet known.
The intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Italy on the mutual recognition and exchange of driver’s licenses has been in force since 2016. It allowed Ukrainian citizens living in Italy to exchange national “rights” for Italian ones without passing exams. Italian citizens living in Ukraine could do the same.

“Poland wants to introduce license plates for bicycles”

The rapidly growing popularity of alternative transport due to the coronavirus began to create problems. Polish activists believe that license plates on bicycles will help to restore order.
Electric scooters were already gaining popularity in Europe, and bicycles in some countries have long been the main means of transport for many townspeople. However, the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, and public transport congestion limits have led to a rapidly increasing popularity of alternative transport. At the same time, the bicycle infrastructure is rapidly lagging behind, which means that conflicts on the roads and sidewalks are inevitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the problems have emerged right now.
Activists from Lodz, Poland have submitted a petition to the Ministry of Infrastructure. They encourage everyone to ride bicycles with a visible license plate and liability insurance. In their opinion, this will help improve road safety and facilitate the identification of offenders.
After a video about a bicycle with a license plate was published on social networks, a serious discussion broke out in society.
Among the advantages of introducing license plates for bicycles, Polish activists name the following:
bicycles and scooters will no longer be anonymous;
it will be possible to find the perpetrators faster if they leave the scene of a collision or accident;
stolen bicycles can be found faster;
now it will be possible to calculate the actual number of bicycles.
At the same time, there are only 2 arguments against activists:
there is no such thing anywhere in the EU;
cars also have numbers and they break the rules.
It is possible that representatives of other EU countries may like this initiative.

“Ukravtodor showed new road signs”

The new signs comply with DSTU 4100: 2021 and will begin to appear on Ukrainian roads from November 1, 2021. There are both brand new signs and updated ones.
On November 1, 2021, new safety standards come into force in the part “Road safety. Road signs “, and with them the new DSTU 4100: 2021. For ordinary drivers, this means the appearance of new signs and bringing some of the existing ones in line with the Convention on Road Signs and Signals. Ukravtodor on its Facebook page showed new and updated road signs.
There will be signs for the beginning and end of the toll road, a place for charging an electric car, and a safety island. Added some signs for actively developing cycling infrastructure. The names of settlements will now be written with a capital letter and a different font.

“Danger on the road” – Police noted high traffic accidents in Waze application”

The patrol police selected the sections of the roads in Kiev with the maximum number of accidents and marked them on the map of the Waze navigator. In this way, drivers will learn about the increased risks directly on the move and, possibly, will begin to drive more carefully.
When approaching such a site, the driver will see a notification from Waze. For example, “50 accidents happened here in a year. Rebuild carefully so that there is no 51st. ”
This was announced on Facebook by the Deputy Head of the Patrol Police Alexei Beloshitsky.
The marks can be seen at the following addresses:
pl. Victory, 1
avenue Academician Glushkov, 13-B
Bazhana avenue, 19
avenue Stepan Bandera, 6
avenue Stepan Bandera, 36
Darnitskaya Square, 1
avenue Roman Shukhevych, 16
st. Berkovetskaya, 6
avenue Victory, 123
avenue Lesya Kurbasa, 19-A
“We expect to reach over 500,000 Waze users in a month. If communication helps to reduce accidents on certain road sections by at least 10-15%, we will continue it and expand it to other cities of Ukraine, “Beloshitskiy added.

“Cashback” to drivers for other people’s traffic violations – Gerashchenko announced a system of rewards for helping the police”

“We have studied the world experience, when every phone in a car, if installed correctly, detects a traffic violation. The driver just clicks on the screen and the police will receive information about violations. If we manage to implement all the planned projects, then the safety on the roads of Ukraine will be like in Sweden, ”said Anton Gerashchenko during a press conference dedicated to the report on the first year of operation of the system for automatic recording of traffic violations.
It is assumed that the bill will make it possible to consider video evidence of filming from smartphones installed under the windshield of drivers, both civil cars and buses or other public transport. According to the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, if someone tries to break the rules in front of such a vehicle, the driver will be able to launch a special application with a few touches of the screen, which will form a thirty-second video for the police with reference to the place of fixation and license plates of the offending car. We are talking about such violations as passing a red light and a U-turn through a solid one.
Further, the received record is transferred to the authorized officers of the patrol police, they consider the case and draw up or do not draw up a decision on the administrative violation according to the same algorithm as when working with the automatic fixation system. Drivers cooperating with the police will be able to count on compensation, for example, 10% of the amount of the fine that the offender will pay.
“If everything happens the way we expect it, next year, millions of drivers will be able to volunteer to help police oversee road safety. This will be a real revolution. Only a few countries of the world have now implemented this technology, ”added Anton Gerashchenko.
It is expected that the drivers who have agreed to cooperate with the police will be able to register in the new system through the portal and application of public services “Diya”.

“Daymak Spiritus electric car will be able to mine cryptocurrency right at charging stations”

Canadian company Daymak is developing the world’s first electric car with built-in hardware and software for mining cryptocurrencies. It will be released no earlier than 2023, but you can pre-order now, including for digital money.
The Daymak Spiritus is a three-wheeled electric vehicle that looks like a sports car from the front and a sports bike from the rear. In the basic version, called Deluxe, the new car will be able to travel from one charge up to 300 kilometers. The top-end Ultimate dvuhverka promised a range of up to 480 km and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (97 km / h) in just 1.8 seconds – almost like a hypercar Rimac Nevera.

For the extraction of cryptocurrencies, a special Nebula hardware and software complex will be integrated into Spiritus, including mining equipment and a wallet. The developers promise that every time the car is on regular or wireless charging, it is guaranteed to bring money to its owner.
“And while most vehicles are devalued while in your garage, the Nebula Miner will make you money while your Spiritus is parked,” Daymak said. At the same time, the company emphasizes that the cryptocurrency platform will be environmentally friendly.

There are no details on the hardware yet, but it is reported that the Nebula Miner system will receive some “industry-leading” GPU. True, the company does not disclose either the model or the performance, limiting itself to the statement that mining will start automatically after stopping.
The cost of Spiritus Deluxe starts at $ 19,995, for the Ultimate version Canadians ask for $ 149,000. To pre-order, you need to make a deposit of $ 100. It can be paid with both traditional currency and cryptocurrencies: Doge, Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin.

“Migrants without registration were allowed to obtain a driver’s license and register transport”

At a meeting on June 2, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine simplified procedures for internally displaced persons related to obtaining a driver’s license and registration / re-registration / deregistration of vehicles.
Citizens from among the internally displaced persons (IDPs), who do not have information about their registered place of residence in their passport of a citizen of Ukraine, are given the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license and admission to drive vehicles, as well as to carry out state registration (re-registration) and deregistration of transport vehicles. funds. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Integration.
Prior to that, if there was no information about the registered place of residence in the documents or the Unified State Demographic Register, VPOs were deprived of such an opportunity. Considering that it is now impossible to register a place of residence in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, these changes will make it possible to receive the aforementioned services in the presence of a resettlement certificate.
The ministry also recalled that, thanks to the previously approved changes, in the event of a loss of a registration document for a vehicle or its unsuitability for further use, the owner of the vehicle or a person operating such a vehicle legally or their authorized representatives can make a one-time exit on this Vehicle from the temporarily occupied territory. In this case, you must provide a copy of the vehicle registration card, which confirms its state registration on the territory of Ukraine.
A copy of the registration card can be obtained at the territorial service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“These changes concern vehicles belonging to categories A1, A, B1, namely mopeds, motorcycles and cars,” the press service of the Ministry of Integration said.

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